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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mankind's 3-D existence -

KVR Murthy

There are three dimensions to an individual - physical , psychological ,and social. One can either be strong or weak in all of these dimensions or be strong in one or more or weak in one or more.

All the day-to-day activities of an individual take place within the physical, psychological and social dimensions. It is of utmost importance that an individual strives to reach perfection in all the dimensions and move towards evolution.

Evolution is a multi-dimensional, multi-directional progressive development and is different from growth. Growth usually works in one direction.

It connotes the development or increase in number or stature. For example, a child grows physically as well as psychologically from the day of his birth and eventually grows vis-Ã -vis his standing in the society.

On the other hand, evolution connotes the act of unfolding or opening up just as the unfolding of a lotus. The awareness an individual gains from the fruits of search and research helps him to unfold and acts as a guide in the process of evolution.

Though the physical, psychological and social growth of an individual stops after reaching a certain stage, the evolution process continues till his last breath. It's difficult to be perfect in all three dimensions.

However, the path of evolution makes it essential that an individual tries to approach perfection in all the dimensions. And that is ultimate rehabilitation.

An individual with improper thoughts also requires rehabilitation because improper thoughts can be the cause of the physical diseases or even social problems. And when an individual character does not meet the standards set by society, and his character needs to be re-established, then also he needs rehabilitation.

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