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Thursday, August 27, 2009

An act of godliness - HT inner voice

God has his own ways to help people in trouble. This I realised when I had negotiated successfully a large order with a top steel company. I was elated and wanted to celebrate the success that had come my way.

But as I came out, no cabs or autos were available for returning to my hotel. I was stranded in a new place. To add to my discomfiture, menacing dark clouds started gathering and it could start pouring any moment. I started walking past the elegant houses dotting both sides of the broad road, impatiently looking for a cab. Suddenly a gleaming limousine pulled up beside me in front of an imposing bungalow.
At the wheel sat an immaculately dressed gentleman. I briefly explained my predicament and requested for a lift if he was going towards the hotel where I had checked in.
He raised his eyebrows, reflected for a while and there was a flicker of a smile. Then, as if on an impulse, he asked me to get in.

The distance to the hotel turned out to be much more than I had imagined. But he drove me right up to the gate and I shook his proffered hand. I expected him to proceed in the same direction but he made a quick U-turn. The tyres screeched on the asphalt and it quickly vanished into the gathering darkness.

Consider my surprise and my gratitude when it became clear that he had actually picked me right in front of his house where, in fact, he had slowed down to enter. To this day I rue that I could not adequately thank the unknown benefactor.

What he had done was a noble and remarkable deed for an unknown man. It won't be going too far to say that the Good Samaritan sent by God had saved my perfect day from becoming a nightmare.
God does take a fatherly care of us. But do we realise this and try to be a little more loving and caring?

G.K. Gupta

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