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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coming of age at 50 - HT inner voice

There are junctures in life where the gears change. These are interesting periods of transition, the most significant ones, as you step into your fifties.

You realize that you cannot sprint up the four flights of stairs to reach your apartment, that you have to mind your ways as you savour your ice cream with your daughter, not to forget the irksome dimming of vision as you read the morning newspaper. Watching a movie in the comfort of your living room seems a more desirable prospect than an evening out at the theatre over popcorn and pepsi.

And yet it is an age where in most cases the friction between your efforts with or against the flow of life have ignited a wisdom which clarifies, ease with ones kinks which makes it possible for you to laugh at yourself, a resetting of priorities which prunes life and highlights its small pleasures and profound beauty. Public opinion matters less and loneliness often becomes an old forgotten melody as you discover the warmth of aloneness and the soothing rhythm of your solo song.

You discover that the best part of the day is sunrise time, that the most delicious meal is home cooked daal and rice, that the routine is indispensable for a healthy life and that health is more important than bank balance and romance. And yet true happiness is an inner contentment and a peaceful feeling.

Sharda Batra

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