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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Death is biggest gift - HT inner voice

Nobody wants to die. Why? To me, death is the "sure shot cure" of every suffering of life.

But, instead of adopting this prescription, we all try to keep it at bay through ineffective remedies. I may sound a bit too pessimistic and seem to have been nursing an escapist attitude, but I have sufficient reasons to believe that 'death' is 'bliss' for one whom it embraces and a 'curse' to one who watches it from close quarters.

That is, I cannot afford to apply this theory to my near and dear ones because it is they who make me love my life. However, a time comes in everybody's life when all the reasons to live exhaust and life becomes a burden.

And yet he remains scared of dying. This is the magic of the Amighty.

"Ibaadat Mein Bhi Rehta Hai Hamein Jaan Ka Khatka, Hum Yaad-e-Khuda Kartey Hain Kar Le Na Khuda Yaad." When we are born or are 'brand new', we are invaluable for others.

And when we become a burden on them, we turn "antique and vintage" for ourselves that we try to save like a "flame in the thunderstorm." I think 'death' is the 'biggest' gift 'Almighty' can give to anybody.

By doing so, in a way, he offers the mortal soul a seat beside HIM. What more one can seek from him. When we touch the feet of our elders, the bless us for long life.

What for? To suffer longer, to crib longer or to see more and more people leaving you. Instead, the blessing should always be, 'May God bless you with peace'.

Rajneesh Batra

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