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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

God's hidden ways - ht Inner Voice

M.N. Kundu

A group of youngsters was determined to spoil my journey.
I was entrained for a visit to the famous Tarakeshwar shrine in West Bengal. I took a window seat in the train to enjoy the loving flow of morning sun over the green potato fields.

The group took exception to any visit to the deity. "Why should a young man be so superstitious in the age of science? If there is God, can't He see the unbearable suffering of man and do the remedy? If the Almighty has imposed such inequality and injustice in his creation, He does not deserve to be worshipped."

That put me off, but I was in no mood to talk to them or anyone else. I convinced myself that arguments being egocentric invariably end in futility. You can discuss with an intelligent agnostic or a sincere atheist but never with such an unreceptive group. I followed the classic route of escapism.

At the next station, I got off to search for another suitable seat. In the early morning, local trains are not crowded but I had to go far back to get a suitable seat. I was somewhat sad and unmindful.
The outside sceneries became sour due to inner remorse.
Suddenly one heard a crashing sound and the luggages started falling off the bunk following a huge jerk. The train came to a sudden halt.

A terrible accident had taken place. The first three compartments had crashed into another standing goods train. All the passengers in the three compartments were either dead or seriously injured. To my surprise, I found the compartment I left was the worst affected.

I profusely thanked God for saving me in an unexpected way. I also became grateful to the youngsters for their adverse act but for which I would not have lived to write this. Mysterious are the ways of God. But I felt very deeply for those unfortunate youngsters who could not live to get the lesson.

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