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Monday, September 21, 2009

Live in the present - ht Inner Voice

Anuradha Gupta

The way to live life is to live in the present. Albert Einstein was once asked the secret of his success, and his answer was that when he combed his hair, he was only combing his hair and was totally engrossed in it. The essence of the answer underlines the ability of being focused and living and enjoying the present.

There is life, energy, movement and enthusiasm in the present. In the present moment only, we have the privilege to smell the fragrance of a rose, hear the chirping of restless birds going back to their nests, touch the rosy cheeks of a chubby little child, feel the freshness of wet green grass under our feet while enjoying a morning walk in a park, palpate the stillness of a dense forest.

The present is the only reality, where we can actually see and experience the whole play of existence.
But, if we contemplate on our mind, we find either it is brooding upon our past or is busy planning about future, we forget to live our present.

We forget the hard fact that all of us do have a limited life span and sooner or latter death is a reality.
Then why don't we care to find joy in small pleasures life offers? Why are we busy collecting wealth more than required for living a decent life? Why can't we take the same delight in giving and sharing as we get in receiving?
All religions tell us how to live the present happily. The whole concept of the presence of God and offering prayers to him gives us a feeling of security. The Bible tells us to love our neighbours and forgive the wrongdoers. That helps us overcome the feeling of hatred, jealousy and anger and fills our hearts with love.

The Gita too gives us the message to do your best in the present and surrender the rest to the will of God. That spares us from the pangs of all 'ifs' and `buts' and helps us in leading a happy and contented life.

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