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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nature's bounties - HT inner voice

Girish Bhandari

We walk our way through life as if we were walking on a corridor with no open doors. We develop a tunnel vision and see life as a grind, to be borne as a burden.

I once had to daily walk to my workplace, my mind filled with thoughts not worth a picayune. Then one day something triggered me to be conscious of my surroundings.
My heart missed a beat at the beauty of the countryside. I found I was walking by the side of a small canal, in which I could see a school of fish. I saw lush crops and vegetation all around.

Suddenly a flight of parrots alighted on a mango tree. I suddenly became aware of the green of the parrots and the mango grove, on which they had landed. And then I saw the different shades and sub-shades of green all round.

The green of the sugarcane, the aquatint green of the young mustard plants, the darker distinct green of the spinach plot, the green of the cabbage area, the green of the cauliflower surrounding the snowy crown.

In all I counted 10 different shades of green, and I realised I had not exhausted the infinite variety "which time cannot wither nor custom stale."

It was a humbling experience as well an elevating one.
In my own world of engrossment with the trivia of the crossword puzzle, which I attempted, as I walked to my place of work, I had been blind to the miracles of nature. I felt "altered" as I felt one with nature.

This honed my power of observation. I realised nature held a bag of tricks that would please, educate and elevate, if only we were conscious of our ambience.

Each day was a new experience, as a new facet of nature was revealed. But the true field of observation is our inner-self.

As Marcus Aurelius said, "We seek quiet in the country, at the sea shore, and in the mountains, but true quiet is found within." Why don't we look within?

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