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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The eternal truth - Inner Voice

Mahamati Prannath says that the term kayamat (resurrection) means awakening of the self from this dreamy existence of the cosmic illusion.

The human body is the grave from which the sleeping soul within has to rise above the body-consciousness and wake up to the true reality of the Absolute. The awakening of the soul from this slumbering mortal coil of ignorance is the day of kayamat. The Lord dwells in every heart to judge the actions of the soul and embrace her the day she awakens to her true self.

Skeptics trend to dismiss all such things written in the Bible, the Quran, and the Puran as figments of imagination. However, according to Mahamati, they all contain the esoteric meaning and hints about the events that take place at the time of the soul's awakening. It is high time that we understand their true significance and restore the scriptural language to its esoteric ken.

Man is what he is conscious of. Man's grade of evolution depends upon the pitch he has attained. A person standing upon the earth cannot enjoy the purity of the air over the top of the mountain. In order to enjoy it, he must be there. There is such a great wide gulf between the evolution of one soul and that of another. One who is conscious of his earthy origin is an earthly man; one who is conscious of his heavenly origin is a divine man.

Kayamat is such an awakening and it can never occur in one whose consciousness has cut off its permanent moorings with its earthly existence. As the soul is connected with everything in the universe, the individual resurrection is a universal resurrection. After Christ had risen from the dead, he had said, "He that believed shall be saved." The dead are those who have not realised their immortality; he rises who realises his immortality.

(Edited extracts from the book Mahamati Prannath - the Supreme Wisdom by Dr. B.P. Bajpai)

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