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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Light up the self - HT inner voice

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Diwali is celebrated with lights everywhere to mark the end of darkness. Lights are lit, not just to decorate homes, but also to symbolise the light of the self. When the self awakens, then knowledge lights up and dispels the darkness within. Thus, good wins over evil and we celebrate Diwali.

We worship Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali and associate it with material wealth. This is just one of the seven types of wealth. The second is health. Having a lot of money but many diseases is no wealth. The third is when someone has little money but possesses the wealth of courage. The fourth is friendliness. Having different skills and talent is the fifth wealth. The sixth is dignity. Memory, the seventh, is the awareness of the source.

The best way for Diwali puja is to be happy and grateful. We search for the Divine everywhere except within us.
The process of worship is to lead us from the external world to within. What is Varalakshmi Puja? It is whatever you honour. Vara means gift. Honour and feel gratitude for all that the Divine has bestowed upon you.

Offer your limitations, not just money. Begin afresh with an act of kindness, a moment of reflection. The first mantra to be recited before any prayer should be - let my ears hear good things, let my eyes see good things, let me speak good words and let us all be on the Divine path.

Drop the past and move forward with enthusiasm, knowing that life is eternal.
The nature of spirit is celebration. When sanctity, prayer and service are attached to it, celebration becomes complete. Culture your consciousness to expand from `What about me?' to `What can I contribute?' Invoke the wealth of knowledge. When this element is awakened, misery in life disappears. Light the lamp of love and knowledge in your heart and spread it all over.

(Sri Sri Ravi Shankar writes every other week exclusively for HT)

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