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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The magic of smile - HT Inner Voice

Vijay Joshi

What a wonderful thing is `smile'; it loosens the mental knots. One who receives it becomes wealthy, but the one who spreads it does not become poor. - Anonymous Smile is a God's gift to us.
It costs nothing, but leaves a positive impression on the other person. We all avoid short-tempered, irritating persons and always look forward for friendship with smiling and jolly ones. Smiling is also an art. Smiling with a natural look and unbiased intentions impresses others, whereas smiling for show-off could be termed as hypocrisy.
A small smile can do wonders for you as well as others.

Somebody asked a rose, "You are surrounded by such sharp and long thorns and still keep smiling, while I am bestowed with all pleasures in life but still remain worried and desperate. Can you tell me the secret of ever smiling posture so that I can also enjoy life?" The king of flowers smiled and said, "God has blessed me with three things - beauty, fragrance and juice. I never consider these things as mine and distribute them to the world without thinking of any returns. While doing this, I do not feel proud, neither do I die for name or popularity. My belief in the Almighty is firm and that is the secret of my happiness."

A poisoned mind can never present a pristine smile. First you have to purify your mind and thoughts.
The art of smiling will not only make you more affable but will also purify your inner self. An impatient and irritable person cannot create the image cast by a person who thinks well and then speaks softly with a natural smile.
Your smile can help you create an infinite friends circle and well-wishers.

That is why laughing therapy has assumed so much importance. It has been widely accepted as an art of keeping your mind and body healthy. Smiling is the way to go in life. You are not spending anything but achieving the impossible.

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