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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Envy our enemy

Babita Kejriwal

When we see someone else having all that we ever wanted to have for ourselves, we feel envious. But we are unaware that by this feeling, we are actually preventing the universe from giving those very things to us! It sounds surprising, but this is how it works.

The moment we feel jealous for someone having, say, a beautiful house, we are indirectly telling God that this person is not entitled to a good house. And that law applies to us, too; so as a result, we will never have a beautiful house.

There are many ways by which we can open the doors for ourselves so that we get what we want. The first is to bless the other person having it; this causes the blessing to knock our door too. Another way is to visualise silently that we are in possession of such a house. Also, asking God politely for it with a right that a son has over his own father, causes fortune to fall upon us. We can also do some chants to fulfil our wants.

The reason we are not getting this house, is because of our own negative karmas . To erase these karmas, we should ask God for forgiveness for our past known as well as unknown sins. Get into the path of spirituality and meditation and be of help to others in every way. Mantras also help reduce our karmas to a great extent as they have a lot of power.
The logic being that mantras help us become positive and action-oriented persons.

We must also remember that things we do not get in the karmic world, we get easily and in abundance in the spiritual world. This includes material as well as immaterial stuff such as love and care.
The loving God who is full of abundance, generosity, love and kindness is waiting to fulfil the wants and desires of His precious child who comes to His refuge.

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