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Monday, November 2, 2009

Nanak was prophet of divine humanism

M.N. Kundu

The word `nanak' means `fire' and, significantly, Guru Nanak brought celestial fire to kindle the lamp of divine light in the hearts of humanity. It was the light of divine love wherefrom sprang his doctrine of holy deed before bookish creed, spiritual illumination before illusive ego and saintly life above external indications. Hence he proclaimed, "Truth is higher than everything, but higher still is true living."

Being perfectly non-sectarian, he said, "There is no Hindu and no Muslim, these are mere divisive names for masks, behind the mask is the man." His mystic communion with God dictated the language of heart beyond narrow sectarianism.

The time of his advent witnessed unending quarrel over religious trifles and deviation from the true spirit of religion. He, therefore, advised all to dwell at the feet of the Lord in love.
When the priests at Haridwar asked him about his caste, he gave a poignant reply, "My caste is the caste of wood and fire." And he advised the Muslims also to make compassion their mosque, sincerity their prayer, and justice their Holy Koran, to be a true Muslim.

Simplicity is the keynote of his teachings. He advised us to take the name of Akal Purukha (Eternal One) repeatedly with utmost devotion and live a life of service and sacrifice with sincere humility. For him, the soul is the bride and God is the bridegroom and our brief life is intended to make a union of the two.

He wanted his disciples to grow in meditation of God or `japa' which involves eightfold `sadhana' like purity, silence, concentration, realisation, patience, faith, satsanga and living the mantra in daily life. He said, "I belong to no sect and adore but one God, I see Him in earth below and heavens above, and in all directions and all are my brethren."

In other words, Nanak was born today to show us the light so that the darkness we see all around disappears and we live happily forever.

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