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Monday, July 27, 2009

Envoys for peace - HT inner voice

Who are Avataars? In Sanskrit, Avataran means to appear, to descend, to take birth or to manifest. In Hinduism, an Avataar is the incarnation of a highly evolved soul, or of the ultimate Supreme Being.

It usually implies a deliberate descent into mortal realms for special purposes either as a man, an animal or some mythical creature. Such an incarnation is thought to be beyond the clutches of Mayaa (illusion) and Karma.

An incarnation is a divine intervention that comes about due to free-willed activity of ignorant beings.

When evil increases disproportionately, then Divinity is believed to come to the earth in physical form to restore order and morality. An incarnation may exist for a brief period or for a lifetime.

The incarnation may have all the powers and awareness of Divinity, or only a portion of it. But Shaivites hold a contradictory opinion.

According to them, Shiva would not incarnate because God is the knower of the past, the present and the future and the controller of all. Everything happens according to his will and even evil cannot act itself without his will.

Shiva would manifest directly as an embodiment of wisdom, as in a guru, or appear as himself, but would not incarnate. A similar view is held by Ganesha and Shakti worshippers too.
Deepam Chatterjee
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