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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A salute to dear mom - HT inner voice


When one's mother passed away, one feels that one's world has collapsed. It takes several days before one recovers and realizes the futility of getting into grief because life is impermanent and what comes must go. One comes to understand that death is a blessing as it relieves one of all kinds of sorrows and worries.

My mother, 79, passed away recently, and from what I could get directly or indirectly, she was "ready to pass on" rather than drag along to suffer life's innumerable problems and diseases.

She was very well contented with her achievements in life, and hence saw no more meaningful role to play hereafter.

Here was a pious, happy and peaceful life getting” out of control", and her key to get out of crises was to her family temple several times a day. That was her way to lead a stress-free and painless life of eight decades.

She wanted and prayed for a peaceful and painless exit, and she got it. She had a massive heart attack and collapsed among the flowers in the small garden in front of our home. She was all cheers and in good spirit before her life's journey came to a sudden end.

She lived in her small world of kitchen, family members and spiritual gurus; and aspired for northing but a darshan of the recently incarnated Lama Kushok Bakula.

Whenever I visited her, I saw her praying for His Holiness's darshan before she could bid adieu to life. She was not afraid of death and, like John Donne, challenged it.

She taught me, in her own humble ways, the values that helped me to be contented and helped. She taught me about the importance of hard work without being obsessive about any returns.

Maa, I salute you and promise to follow your steps .And if there is away, when my turn comes, I will look "out there" for you and so that both of us can rest together in peace, forever.
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