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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Accountability is the key to better society - HT inner voice

We may all agree that life is a game of uncertainties. Our intellect falls short to anticipate even the near future.

On one hand, life appears to be full of challenges, many miles to go, many milestones to accomplish. On the other, it looks as if we are marching relentlessly towards nowhere.

There is a measureless hustle and bustle to take care of all our needs. We cannot turn our face from accepting the fact that we have been becoming more and more self-centered.

All our calculative moves nourish our insatiability. In the race towards perfectionism, are we not heading to a more ambiguous situation? Rational deliberation seems struggling to find its due place.

For most of us, it is hard to appreciate these words because we act as if we are living in a world of diligence. Our sense of worth would not like to lend ears to such words.

Giving optimism its due respect, we cannot move away from accepting the reality that we are turning worthless. We are still to learn to take pleasure in giving happiness to others.

We cannot and should not retreat from accountability that we owe to the betterment of society. There is nothing wrong in cultivating an aspiration for achieving something worthwhile.

But the means we take to fulfill the desires must be fair. Time and again, we indulge in unreasonable means to gratify our longings.

The need is to rise to the occasion. Being sensible among all creations, the situation demands us to take some productive actions expeditiously to assure the future generation of an environment full of opportunities and happiness.

There is no dearth of willingness. But this is not everybody's task.

We cannot expect everyone to turn the tide. The responsibility lies on the shoulders of those who hold key positions.

Jasbir Singh
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