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Monday, August 10, 2009

The joy of silence - HT inner voice

Bhushan Kachru

I some times wonder how nature is blissful in silence.
Indeed amazing. The rivers flow in silence, the trees provide shelter and wisdom in silence, the sun and the sand are silent. Even we surrender in silence. Isn't silence, therefore, the song of eternity?
The other day I came across a beautiful experience of silence by a young American.
She practised silence by sitting along the banks of the Ganga at Rishikesh. Her trance of silence was her effort to flush out negativity. "By chanting a simple mantra in silence, my mind becomes one with my Guru," she said.

Attaining a silent mode does appear difficult initially but gets simplified as we dig deep into it. Meditation and calming exercises is one such route to a silent road. Some of us might feel that taking a vow not to speak amounts to silence. I do agree that most of the time, it is not easy to silence our mind. Even if we keep quiet, our mind produces all sorts of thoughts.

I watch amazingly many young people today stressed out in their daily lives and unable to gain composure when in silence. They want to be in a place filled with sounds from all directions. They chatter without thinking about what they are saying.
Chatting all the time reflects a mind in flux. I have observed many times that silence needs to be our response to anger, criticism and greed.

Silence is conserving our mind's energy. A monk once rightly said: "Silence is like a monastery. We create a little quieter corner up in the mountains, away from the rest of the world." Silence not only makes us magnanimous but also improves our listening skills. It is a communicational therapy that reduces anger, minimises criticism and adds to our creativity and imagination. Some times silence is more powerful than speech. It reflects our inner peace, contentment, and force of attraction.
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