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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Burden of stupidity - HT inner voice

M.N. Kundu

"Two things are infinite in the universe -God almighty and human stupidity," said Albert Einstein. While the first one is shrouded in mystery, human history is full of evidence for the latter one. We can scarcely accept or digest anything new or foreign to our preconceived notions or egocentric beliefs. We have silenced Socrates with deadly poison, crucified Jesus Christ, persecuted Buddhists, and exhibited innumerable other kinds of stupidity.

Once four friends wanted to climb a pyramidal mountain. One of them wanted to scale from the riverside, another liked the jungle route. Yet another preferred the desert area and the last one was adamant on the hilly path. Since there was no unanimity, they started separately on their preferred routes.

But when they actually progressed, they found that the diverse routes were gradually becoming identical and merging. When they reached the top, it was discovered that the differences were there only in the bottom looking equally nice and they gradually disappeared and merged.
Such is the spiritual journey through different creeds. But human stupidity over the same is incorrigible.

Kabir belonged to no religion. He preached mystic communion with the cosmic beloved beyond all established creeds.
But immediately after his death, his Hindu and Muslim disciples started quarrelling over his cremation. The spirit of Kabir was gone and the quarrel was only over the corpse. Amazingly, they found that under the shroud there was no corpse but only a bunch of flowers. Still the eyes of the stupid devotees were not opened.

They divided the flowers to cremate in the Hindu way and Muslim way and till date his grave is being maintained separately.

There is no dearth of such examples of stupidity. Yet we don't learn. Our stupidity has made life on this earth hellish.
To be kindhearted and loving costs one nothing.
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