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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Forgive me, Diana -

Vanita Srivastava

We all crave for love and emotional support from our family members and friends.
What we don't realise is that unselfish love can come from any quarter. We just need to acknowledge the feeling.

Diana, my Labrador, and Aditya, my son, entered my life at almost the same time.
My son was six months old when the beautiful onemonth-old breed walked into my life.

I had never been a pet lover but her innocent eyes stopped me from packing her off.

She grew up in the sprawling district collector's bungalow of my husband with an army of peons to look after her. My son had two servants at his disposal. She had five.

As she grew, her beauty blossomed. But I was never attached to her despite her `leaning' towards me.

She soon grew into her full form. Her carpet-like white hair, her big bony structure and her ferocious bark, all made her into a "beauty queen". I, however, continued to have a `cold' attitude towards her.

She would take her early morning stroll, with a host of dogs following her. I had to keep her away from all those "boyfriends." Once she disappeared in the evening and returned only the next morning. She was in an unusually high spirit.

Months later, she delivered many pups, though none survived. After years of distancing, I finally developed an emotional chord with her when she had to be operated for a tumour. I anxiously waited outside the operation theatre for almost two hours while she was fighting inside for her life.

At 14, she had become old, battling cancer of several vital organs. She couldn't move on her own and had to be lifted. And yet she, she always greeted me when I returned home. She made all the efforts to come near me as I would step out of my car.
Even my son has never greeted me as warmly.

Recently, when I passed by the place where she was laid to rest last year, I felt extremely guilty for not having acknowledged her love.
Sorry, dear Diana.
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The joys we overlook -


Shuchtita Jain

The best thing about childhood is that you are never alone. You are surrounded by so many friends. I remember having too many friends to count when I was young. It never took me more than a few minutes to make friends when I was young but then as I was growing up, I grew apart from my friends. Initially, we all tried to keep contact with each other but eventually other priorities took over.

Recently, I missed the wedding of my best friend who used to always take care of me when we were in school. It pained me later on realising how much I had really "moved on." We progressed in every sphere of our life but forgot the more beautiful and fruitful aspects of life such as spending some time with our parents and family, chatting with a loved one or reconnecting with old friends. We have become too busy to realize our own emptiness.

So one day I picked up an old diary and called up my friends. What I got exceeded my expectation -- joy, surprise and a whole lot of nostalgia. I felt as if I had done the best thing in years.

I never knew a simple phone call to your near and dear ones could give you so much happiness. There are so many simple joys in life that we often overlook. We want success, fame and money at the cost of love, family and happiness.

We sacrifice one in pursuit of another, often convincing ourselves that it is the best we could do instead of trying to find a fine balance between both. We have created a world around us where we can't even trust the people we love. Our relations have become "professional". We calculate everything - even our emotions.

Everyday life offers a million reasons to rejoice that we choose to ignore. Happiness is what one creates for oneself.
And it is possible to have success and happiness together by cherishing the little joys that life offers
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