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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The journey of life -

P.P. Wangchuk

The journey of life is as good or bad as one makes it to be.
All great persons have said it and proved it. My interest in writing this piece was inspired after reading a book, recently, by an old friend who, long ago, was a fine fellow journalist. A prolific writer, more of a philosophical kind, he used to write lovely essays that most of us would wait for to read.

Ashim Gill, now a fulltime writer, is the author of The philosopher's Stone that "brings to light the great mysteries of philosophy, and is an attempt to "reveal the hidden secrets that have bedeviled philosophers through the ages." It digs into the innermost workings of human soul with the help of Aristotle, Kant, Buddha, Vivekananda and the like.

The first chapter rightly starts with a lovely essay on the journey of life. The author stresses on the basic principle that all that happens during one's journey in life is because of one's karmic fate.
And hence, losses are as important as gains. After all, there has been no person who could gain without loss.

One does not "realise the importance of anything in life till it is snatched away from him..." And one's journey gets more beautiful and enjoyable if it involves a lot of struggle.

As the bard said it so beautifully, to enjoy the warmth inside, one must experience the cold outside. Similarly, in life's journey, happiness can be enjoyed only by a person who has gone through deep sorrow and struggle at every turn. Gill marshals out many such contrasts to make his point clear. "Only he knows life who knows what is death; and only he knows sanity who knows what is madness..."

Only the wise man understands the cycle of life. He rejoices neither pleasure nor is saddened by sorrow. He takes them all in his stride as if they were essential tools in the journey of life. And one who realises this, has realised the truth - happiness in layman's language.
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