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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Humility gives hope -

Barkha Dhar

At a time when peace and tranquility are bartered for fake emotions and material convergence, humility is our hope for change.
With work and pleasure conflicting 24/7, humility is the gateway to an inner journey. And then who can forget those primary grade lessons like "humbleness is the way to God."
Humility gives ground to fulfillment and an opportunity for one's true intent to branch out. However, our aspirations to compete and succeed have sucked out this vitality. Each day now is like the four seasons that just comes and goes away. Amidst this rush, we hardly have time to connect in and our network is often for the net worth.
It's time to ponder over our deeds. It's time to stop our emotional and spiritual erosion. We need to give time out to ourselves. This sabbatical, a peaceful introspection of our needs and deeds, could lead us back onto the road to humility.
As Swami Vivekananda once said, `be yourself, the greatest religion is to be true to your nature. Have faith in yourselves."
In a similar connotation, one can say humility is the seed of the soul. It lets you hug the `poorest of the poor' and the `deadliest of all'. It is being as `I am'; balanced with emotions that fosters equality, deference for the disabled and homeless, and service for the hospice.
Humility is infectious. It has a magical quality to endear one to all. All great men in history like Mahatama Gandhi were men of great humility. For them, nothing was more important than service to mankind.
They have shown the world that a person with humility can bring in great changes in society.
Humility starts with thoughts pure and serene and by practising the release of emotional energy to feel others' pain.
It is a step higher than sympathy. Such an act requires us to be patient, take time out for others and our conscious will to give back a lost world to those who need it most. We must get positive and be determined to usher in a bright tomorrow.
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