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Monday, September 28, 2009

Face the problems, don't avoid them - HT InnerVoice

Rajendra Bist

There come moments in one's life when one finds going tough because nothing goes well and difficulties disillusion him. And that makes him feel rejected and dejected.
A middle- aged villager toiled all his life to earn his livelihood. Yet he continued to face troubles that disturbed him a lot. He could not even marry for want of money. Sometimes, he had to go without his meals. He became unhappy with life and thought he was the saddest man in the world.
One day, he learnt that a Swami had arrived in the nearby jungle and that he had supernatural powers to cure people like him. He thought that the miseries troubling him would come to an end if he visited the Swami. He visited the Swami and started crying.
When asked why, he told the Swami that each day brought nothing but miseries for him and that there was no end to his deplorable plight. He implored the Swami to take pity on him as "he was the saddest person" in the world. The Swami asked him to pick up a bag lying in front of him and fill it up with pebbles equal to the number of his miseries and asked him to see him the next day with the bag.
The next day, he went to the Swami with the bag.
The Swami asked him to place the bag in the lawn where many similar bags were lying.
After sometime, the Swami asked him to pick up one of the bags which he considered to be lighter than his bag. The Swami explained to him that the weight of the bags (kept by other sad people) was equal to the miseries being faced by them.
The man checked all the bags and found that his own was the lightest. He then understood that there were people who were more miserable in this world and the remedy lied in adjusting with life and be happy. One's motto should be: "face the problems, don't avoid them."
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