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Monday, October 19, 2009

A saintly glimpse - HT inner voice

M.N. Kundu

Sometime ago, I found a photo of Shirdi Sai Baba near South Block in New Delhi. I picked it up and kept in my pocket, thinking it be a significant omen. Such a thing had never happened to me before. I thought Sai Baba might have taken some pity on me.

These led me to reading books on Sai Baba, which were full of miracles confirming super human healing and remedial powers of the saint. I was in search of some spiritual solution to the enigma of life and all-pervading suffering. But I was not spiritually inspired by reading.

And then in the World Book Fair recently, I found a glossy hard cover on Sai Baba. My eyes got stuck to the following words inside, "I do miracles to the deserving people so that their faith in the supreme power is awakened thereby and they become anchored in the Divine for deeper meaning of life." As if the lines were written as an answer to my question. I purchased the copy to find some more wonders awaiting me.

While reading I found 16 pages of the book were missing. The publisher did not promise immediate replacement. I could, however, contact the writer, a Principal of a reputed public school in Delhi on phone. She was profusely apologetic and promised me a fresh copy.

In addition, from her, I got the opportunity to know about many incredible miracles, how she was attracted to Sai Baba, being saved after a fatal accident, how she refused to write the book due to paucity of time; and subsequently an unavoidable medical leave enabled her to write etc.

During our first trip to Sai temple at Lodhi Road in New Delhi, we found no place for parking. Suddenly a beggarlike man in white clothes showed us a place. My wife took out a two- rupee coin to give it to him, but he was nowhere there. No one had seen him too! We remembered that Sai Baba sought two symbolic coins: reverence and forbearance and nothing else.
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