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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A saintly woman - Inner Voice

V. N. Chhibber

Her serene picture in RK Mission temples is one of simplicity personified. Her love for humanity had no circumference. There were no barriers of colour, creed, culture, language or learning.
Her strength lay in fortitude and freedom. We are talking of Sarada Devi.

She was unlettered and had no child of her own, yet she had an innate potential that made her the `mother of all'. Her main instruction was: "don't find fault with others."

Sri Ramakrishna realised that Sarada Devi was a lady of immense capabilities with an indomitable spirit to work for the good of humankind. She wished to serve ailing humanity on the strength of her matriarchal power. He described her as Saraswati the goddess of learning. Her instruction was based on her spiritual strength.

Her attitude was always positive. She was aware that the general tendency of humans was to be negative.
The value of a thing cannot be gauged by its price. It is the love and devotion with which a thing is offered that really counts.

What a child learns owing to mother care is of tremendous value later in life. The mother-instinct is a crucial factor in the child's proper upbringing. A child's faith in the mother is whole and exclusive.

Sister Nivedita saw Sarada Devi as "Sri Ramakrishna's last word as to the ideal of Indian womanhood. Nivedita considered her as the bridge between an old order and the beginning of a new. "In her, one sees the wisdom and sweetness to which the simplest of women may attain. And yet, to myself the stateliness of her courtesy and her great open mind are almost as wonderful as her sainthood."

She felt, under the guise of protection, we have suppressed women. We have exploited about half of India's population. Women are endowed with certain rare traits that men can never acquire.

The more the scale of women's empowerment, the better for the nation. Sri Vivekananda observed that society is like a bird; it cannot fly if one of its wings is clipped.
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