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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Om Namah Shivai

Usually and normally devoted to his own natural duties, man can attain the highest state of self-realization. Worship of the celestials, service of the parents and other elders are also

ways to self-realization. There is a drshtanta in Bhagwata. There was a sannyasi, an ascetic who had attained siddhis, extraordinary powers, through yogic meditation and rigorous asceticism.

He had performed tapasya for 12 yrs. When at the end of 12 years he got up from his meditation, his body was be-smeared with dust and bird-droppings. He washed himself in the river, performed ablutions and sat down under a tree for prayer. A sparrow’s droppings fell on his head and interrupted his dhyana, meditation. Anger suffused his self – he looked up focused his sight on the sparrow and the sparrow at once burnt into flames and was reduced to ashes by his anger at having been disturbed in his prayer.

Filled with his sense of power and pride in his power of tapas, he stood up and walked to a village for bhiksha, ritual asking for food. He came to a hut and asked for food. A woman’s voice told him to wait.

Having waited for some time, he lost his patience and called out to the lady of the house again – “Bhiksha dehi (give me alms)”He heard her voice again – “Please wait”. The sannyasin, full of pride, rejoined – “ You do not know who I am?” Soon after the housewife came out and said, “Revered Sir,I am not like that sparrow which your anger reduced to ashes. My husband is ill, his head was in my lap, and I was massaging his head to relieve his pain. When he fell asleep I came out to do my duty to your good self.

The sannyasi chastened and stunned asked her, “Pray tell me, how did you come to know that my anger had burnt the sparrow? It happened so far away.” The house wife with great respect and humbly told him that she had only been doing her duty honestly and preparing herself to make all sacrifice for her ailing husband. She added, “I am nothing - not a doer at all – only a means for action to manifest itself. I am at peace with myself”.

Hearing this, the sannyasi’s ego fell off - he bowed down to her, touched her feet and went away wiser and kinder.

Kamal Wadhwani

20-b pkt-b


Ashok Vihar



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