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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spiritually ambitious


The tragedy today is that we people are working with very limited individualistic ambitions. Instead of working with own ambition, if people work for a deeper vision of life for themselves and for everything around them, then there is no need to scale anything down.

And also when you do this, your ambitions would never be in conflict with anybody else's vision too because fundamentally all human beings are working for well-being. It is just that the scale of how we handle human well-being may be different from person to person. For one person, well-being may just mean his own well-being. For another, it may mean his family's. And yet for another, it may mean for himself and for his community etc, etc. So, if every human being, instead of working with individual ambition, which is bound to be in conflict with somebody else's ambition, works with a vision for well-being as a whole, then there is no need to scale down anything. All I am trying to say is why you are so stingy about your desires? Why don't you be magnanimous?
Why don't you be infinite in your desires? It is not just about “I want to be well.“ I want you to be really greedy with your ambition and desire to say: “I want the whole world to be well. I want the whole existence to be well.“

Ambition can be a big problem so long as it is limited to your own welfare and does not extends to others. If you scale it up to its ultimate level, then ambition could be a spiritual process. It can be a process of liberation.
Ambition is a process of entanglement only if you keep it small. If you take it up to its ultimate possibility, become absolutely, utterly ambitious, then you are spiritual and it is fully justified.

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