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Friday, December 24, 2010

The inner call

Manisha Gupta

This is about an interesting incident that had occurred in the early seventies. My father was travelling by bus. He had bought a box of sweets for the family. But when he was told it couldn't be found in his bag, he remembered he'd kept it in the bus overhead luggage cabin and forgot to pick it while getting off. We were sad as it happened to be our favourite sweet. Anyway, by evening, we had forgotten it.
And then a great surprise on the next day. Perhaps many of us would refuse to believe that the next evening, the box of sweets arrived at our place, intact. The conductor of the bus had noticed the piece of luggage left over a seat, remembered that my father had got off to but it.
On his way back, he made it a point to deliver the packet to us. He took all this pain for just a kg of sweets left by a passenger! How sweet!
That reminds me of a recent news item that said that a passenger's BlackBerry mobile phone had been picked up by another passenger at an airport. And this wrong doer was a person with a senior and responsible position. What a contrast between the two incidents! This is all about man's inner voice, his conscience. Only that some listen to it and others don't.
Unfortunately, today people don't listen to the call of their conscience, run after things materialistic, in the pursuit of happiness, in search of some unknown satisfaction.
They don't have time 'to stand and stare' at their own selves, no time to ponder or think over issues, no time to even look within. This is the reason why values are depleting faster than the earth's resources. We must think hard and restore the good values of life. Only then there would be peace and happiness in the world.
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