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Monday, January 17, 2011

Above the caste

In Ayodhya kaand when kewat came and after seeing Rama, said to Him,” I have heard the divinity of your feet and hence I will allow you to board my boat only after I have washed your feet” Shri Rama agreed as he wanted. kewat then washed the feet of Shri Rama, after crossing the river , they disembarked on the other side of the river. Shri Ram was feeling awkward as he has nothing to present kewat at his remuneration. Sita understood Rama‘s .embarrassment. She took out the precious ring but kewat refuse to take it and said as he enable Him to cross the river, in a similar way He made him enable to cross the ocean of his life. Rama embraced him without caring which caste he belong. Kewat further said, “you and me are in the same profession . people are in the same trade never take remuneration from each other we both are sailor.I sail boat to make people across the river and you sail boat of life to make the soul across the ocean of the world” . After that Kewat touched Lord Rama feet again and again Lord Rama asked him why you are touching my feet again and again? He answered , “As a fisherman throw his net in the water to trap the fish. But he cannot trap that fish which stay near the feet of fisherman . In the same way your maya of illusion cannot entangled the person who stay near your feet.”

In the Aranya kaand shabri was blessed by Lord Rama ,when shabri gave half eaten beri with great devotion to Lord Rama and he accepted without caring her caste.Lord Rama never classified the people on the basis of the caste and today in our country the census are going to be held on the basis of the caste..

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