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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beauty of concepts

VN Chhibber

We have created beautiful concepts. One of these is the idea of relationship. What we discover, what we create, is with a view to making life more comfortable and happy. The first relationship is with yourself. Do you have low self-esteem? Do you feel inferior? If your reply is in the affirmative,
then you stand to lose in life’s journey.

One ought to have a clear relationship with self. Do you think you are learned or skilled to earn through honest means?

You have to have enough for yourself and your kith and kin. If you think you are fit on this score, half the battle is won.

If you think in a specific way, it is unique to you. Why do you need a relationship? For happiness or for security?

If both, you have to set up a relationship with the Divine. Even hunger can form relationship. You enter into relationship with food for each particular part of your body. You may grow with relationships, with contacts, and remember that all the possibilities are voiced from within.

Like a TV set, your channel may start showing negative frames and in your wisdom you can instantly change the channel.

When you meditate, you are nourishing the human soul. And when you feel the hunger to feed the soul, then regular meditation begins, and it becomes effortless. We start by remembering the Divine, and if we do it most of the time, it comes naturally.

Life is not an illusion for us to hide in the high Himalayas. Life is beautiful and the future of life is life divine. By awakening to the hunger of our being, we see divinity around and divine hand in everything we handle.

Relationships get soured owing to ego. Do not be driven by ego, but have the upper hand. Benign humility takes you to great heights. And as a superior soul, you will be cherished as one in millions.

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