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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fearless steps

PP Wangchuk

The world celebrates from tomorrow the 150th birth anniversary of one of the greatest sons India has ever produced. Swami Vivekananda lived a short life of 39 years but did a thousand years’ work of revolutionary nature. Here was a monk from Kolkata who wanted us to be fearless and acquire the
spirit of a rebel. He was relentless against the undesirable and dogmatic and ritualistic ways of life.

“I will die a thousand deaths than lead a jelly-fish existence and yield to every requirement of this foolish world.” That is the very essence of the Swami’s philosophy and he lived and proved his belief until the very end. One can say, the Swamy inspired and transformed millions and brought them out of the rut of the times.

Success in life, whatever the field, does not come if one tries within the conventional comfort. One has to think of ways to rebel and kick off the oft-trodden path to achieve one’s goal and make a difference to one’s self and thereby to society at large.

The rebel in the young Swami was so ignited that once he remarked,” Human help I spurn with my foot. He who has been with me through hills and dales, through deserts and forests, will be with me.”

The Swamy was a born optimist, and he was sure that his life was meant to show the world a meaningful life and that won’t come by being a nice, obedient and hardworking person. That could be left to the animals who would work as per their master’s calling. The Swamy’s sense of belief in himself and his capacity to overcome obstacles on the way to his destiny is reflected in these words. “Have faith that you are all born to do great things. Let not the barks of puppies frighten you --- no, not even the thunderbolts of heaven --- but stand up and work.”

Yes, as the New Year has set in, we need to stand up and act with the zeal, fearlessness and rebellion of the scale the Swamy had. Success does not come being a couch potato!

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