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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Talking to God


Constant communion with God is the gateway to peace and happiness. Though omnipresent, we can’t see Him with our naked eyes but sure we can see Him with our inner eye. As a child I used to talk and interact with God in innumerable ways. Sitting in the verandah of our cottage in Cherrapunji, midst
thick shrubs, trees and pouring rain, I used to make paper toys and write letters to Him and they used to reach Him! And, I used to get replies along with gifts too!

Of course, all this was courtesy my mother, but I was too naive to understand all that. I also used to see Him; God used to visit me in my sleep. These were probably my sub-conscious thoughts but for me all that was real. I used to narrate this to my mother to the extent of describing His looks and dress — long robe, flowing beard and smiling face. I now realise the reason for this image — I have always adored pictures of Lord Jesus Christ and Rabindranath Tagore. As I grew up, I realised the truth. My mother’s post office service was a way to inculcate in me a deep faith in Him. I felt a little deprived for sometime — no letters, no toys from Him and no ‘meetings’ either. But soon I realised that the feeling of His omnipresence, or rather His presence around me, had become inextricably woven in my very being.

What I read as a little girl in school — faith in personal God and self surrender to Him, is a gospel for me. Just surrender yourself to Him, and let Him take your charge. I am constantly in communion with Him. I talk to Him, share with Him and at times also express my disappointments, little realising that He has His own plans for us and in these disappointing moments are hidden appointments with what is in our best interests. If we all keep communion with God, there will be love and peace around.

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  1. god resides in soul we connect through soul and love forgetting ourselves


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