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Monday, January 17, 2011

What Should One Desire

Around us, we are see most of the children, teenagers, attracted by the
goodies of the materialistic world and they are tempted - like Mobile
Phone, MP3, Bike, Car etc. They put pressure on their parents to buy these
things for them, though they have not much idea of what real use these
things are and none at all of the harm they may do. They don’t care to know
how their parents are managing the two ends in these hard times. Some
times, the parents take loans to fulfill the desires of their children.
Though the parents think of their children, the children do not think of
their parents.

There is a short story,”Chimta” written by the munshi prem chand that tells
us how to take care of our parents. The story is like this… There was a
small village near Meerut in UP State where every year Id Mela used to take
place. Hamid was living with his grandmother.He used to call her Khalajaan.
His parents had died when plague had broken out in the village and the old
grandmother had brought him up. One day a few boys of the village asked
Hamid to join them in their visit to the Mela.. His grandmother gave him
two paise, not a small sum in those days, and asked him to go and enjoy
with his friends.

The boys reached the Mela - some bought toys, some ate sweets and some
bought other new things for them. Hamid also was moving around looking for
something. He saw a stall where a man was selling kitchen things. He
purchased a chappati-catcher (chimta) with his two paisa. All the boys
started laughing at him. He reached home and gave the chimta to his
grandmother, and said, “ Khalajaan, now your fingers will not burn when you
make chappatis for me.” His grandmother embraced him with tears in her eyes
and said, “You are too young to think all this - you should have bought
toys for youself”.

These kinds of stories should be in the syllabus of primary schools so
that our children imbibe the values that promote pure mind and healthy

Kamal Wadhwani

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