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Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Teachers


You were either honest or you weren't. This was the core principle, which my grandparents taught me. They believed there was no in between. They had a simple motto hanging on their living-room wall: - "life is like a field of newly fallen snow; where I choose to walk, every step will show." They didn't have to talk about it — they demonstrated the motto by the way they lived.

Sitting on their knee watching the sunset, they introduced the word Integrity to me. Integrity? I used to question, my eyebrows raised. They understood instinctively that integrity means having a personal standard of morality and ethics that does not sell out and that is not relative to the situation at hand. Integrity is an inner standard for judging your behaviour.

Unfortunately, integrity is in short supply today-and getting scarce. But it is the bottom line in every area of society. And it is something we must demand of ourselves.

A good test for this value is to look at what they said:-

Stand firmly for your convictions in the face of personal pressure.

Always give others credit that is rightfully theirs.

Be honest and open about who you really are.

Integrity means you do what you do because it's right and not just fashionable or politically correct. A life of principle, of not succumbing to the seductive sirens of an easy morality, will always win the day. It will take you forward into the future without having to cheek your tracks in a rear view mirror.

My grand parents taught me that.

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