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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Changeover to success

Vineet Mani

There was a murmur in the classroom. The students were whispering. Some were giggling and others were struggling to hold their laughter. Everyone seemed amused. A fragile child was standing in the middle of the class and was reading out from a textbook. He was fumbling, making mistakes.

The teacher wanted him to read in order to bring improvement in his language but looked utterly disappointed. He had tried on several occasions earlier too but to no avail. There was no trace of improvement. Students mocked at him. He did not reply but his eyes were moist.

After a few days, the teacher went through the same process. A few hands went up, including the child in question. The teacher wanted to ignore him, but the confidence in his eyes compelled him to give him a chance. The child started reading slowly. The other students waited for the moment to make fun of his mistakes. But with every line he read, his confidence grew.

His voice was clearer, and there were no flaws. The students, who were ready to make mockery, started listening to him intently. When he completed reading, the teacher called him to his desk and gave a gentle pat on his shoulder. All the classmates were looking at him with awe and appreciation.

The teacher asked him how he could bring in the dramatic improvements. The child stood up and pointed towards one of the classmates and said, “He made me realise my abilities to perform.” The other child was new in the school and was a gentle fellow.

“He called on me the other day and pleaded me to come out of dejection. He spent hours with me and we kept practising. He did not laugh at me even once and pinpointed towards the mistakes and gave probable measures to rectify them. With his support and his trust in my abilities, I started practising with hope.”

The teacher looked around the entire class. They were all shamefaced. Only the two boys were in their best form and they felt on top of the world.

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