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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Does God Exist ?

This article is my own perspective of things and I don’t wish to hurt sentiments of anybody. Many a times I have thought about this topic but I have never reached a conclusion . I belong to a Tamil family and since I was born I always trusted the existence of God . While you are at home your beliefs never change because you live in a secure environment.But as you grow up and when life starts hurting you more often you look forward to your God.That is the time you realize his absence and start challenging his presence . The harder you try to embrace him, the farther he seems to go away. If God really exists why does he seem to sit back and watch when the tsunami is wiping off a country of people he created ? Why does he not help the unfortunate people of this world every other day ? The only reason why some of my friends believed or had a slight inclination towards god was that they thought he was responsible for human existence as science had not proved how life came on earth .

Now let me take you to a different world where we assume that God exists and we are aware of it. He takes care of everybody there and keeps people happy and also keeps a check that there is no injustice in the system.Every move of yours is controlled by him . Now would you like to live in such a world ? Will you realize the emotion of happiness if you don’t know what sadness is ? You will only be a puppet in the hands of God. Its not that he is not there in our world but its just that post creation he wants us to live they way we want to live. He wants us to adapt and build our own environment . He wants you to live every possible emotion and make life a LIFE. Praying or not praying to him is a personal choice . He is not going to hurt people who don’t pray . To people who pray , he may not help directly but gradually make their conscience become clear. As children we are made to believe he’s there and we are taught to fear him when we do a wrong thing. So he inadvertently becomes responsible to build our conscience . We live with that . Now if you look back, just that acceptance of God made you a good person and shaped your personality. You did not give anything to god but in the pursuit of following his path you improved upon yourself . I personally believe in God and feel he’s there. I am against superstitious beliefs surrounding God but have faith in him. The reason behind this is some of the miracles I have seen in life which I cannot see as mere coincidence. Concluding this article is difficult but what I feel is having faith in God only helps humanity in general and not having a faith does not make it worse. So it is completely a personal choice. Let me know your views and as usual criticism is most welcome

Ganesh Shanker

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  1. The GOD is there , the address is
    The G is Generator ie BRAHMA
    O is. organiser ie VISHNU
    D is. Destroyer ie MAHESH
    All three elements are present in us as electro magnetic energy , we also keep getting prompts BUT whether we understand and initiate right action at right time in the right place .... Is our own PURUSHARTH ......
    ....Dr Vinod Gujral

  2. To believe or not is just the personal choice - that's true, but I do believe, don’t know why? But there is some kind of positive energy that gets into me.
    As I compare my life with the previous years there are many differences that took place, obviously in positive manner.
    It's not that I am perfect or I own only happiness, there are also problems that I have to face but it doesn’t mean that god's not there.

    Whatever happens, it happens to our good - is it true or not? I don't know.
    But I believe whatever happens in our life may be good or bad, it basically helps us to improve our self.

    Continuous improvement makes man perfect.


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