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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Faith the saver

Rajesh Krishan

After having two sons(me being younger),my parents were delighted to have a daughter. But, my sister was born with some medical issues which required special treatment. The doctor was a friend of my parents and used to call my sister ‘gulab ka phool'. He told my parents that she needs to be operate

d and confessed that he was afraid that the operation could prove a failure. ‘Kahin gulab ka phool murjha na jaye’, that was what he said emphasising that she may or may not make it, and, therefore, her life would be in God’s hand.
That was when my parents opted not to subject her to medical treatment and have faith in God. They travelled all the way down to Puttaparthi to seek blessings of Satya Sai Baba in whom my parents had complete faith.

My mother, who had my sister in her lap, was among thousands of devotees sitting in rows across from one another waiting patiently for Sai to appear. My mother tells me how she was praying silently with her eyes shut when Sai appeared before her.

For few moments, my mother was speechless. She simply couldn’t believe that out of thousands of people, Sai came straight to her. My mother laid my sister at Sai’s feet to which He commented, “Keep her with you, in your lap”. He then placed his hand on my sister’s head and walked away.

That event had two effects on my parents. As humans, my parent’s faith in life and God was strengthened. As parents, they’re now sure that their beloved gulab ka phool won’t wither.

My sister is now well over 30 and she is doing well. I think this story could inspire a lot of people to have such hope, hope that there is more to our lives than what we see happening in the physical world. Only that one has to have complete faith.

Let me conclude with these lovely Kutless lyrics: I’ve seen miracles just happen/Silent prayers get answered/ Broken hearts become brand new/That’s what faith can do.

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