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Monday, June 6, 2011

Spiritual sense

PP Wangchuk

How does one get spiritual sense? By being good and doing good? By praying and engaging in activities that are religious and humanitarian in nature? Ajit Kumar Bishnoi’s latest book, ‘Spiritual Sense’, answers all these queries. Apart from the obvious — God, soul, dharma, liberation and happiness— t

he book also covers topics like intelligence, mind and time.
What one liked most in the book was the chapter on liberation. What happens after liberation? The author says that liberation is not one’s exit from this material world forever. One may have to return time and again just as God incarnates Himself on this planet with some mission. Or, God may send you to this earth time and again as his representative to carry out specific duties.

Apart from such cases, there are what the author calls “small souls” that suffer from the “defects of making mistakes.” They too are liable to be sent back to the earth by God just like the case of a thief sent to jail.

“Remember, Lord Krishna has described earth as a place of misery. Then, some souls, out of curiosity, may come here, as tourists travel from rich countries to other countries. Since one is liberated, there is freedom and one can opt for such travel. One may even decide to stay here, like many from rich countries choose to settle in poor countries…”

This is quite interesting for those who believe that it can be true. For those who don’t believe in such cases, it is good entertainment. And, to make my concluding observation, no sane person would say that one who does not believe in God can’t be spiritual. That is, one who believes in God may not be necessarily a greater spiritualist.

Some atheists are known to have been great humanitarians!

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