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Friday, June 3, 2011

Truth most overrated

Rajneesh Batra

What is the most over-rated virtue of life? After much deliberation and first-hand experience, perhaps I got the answer: Truth Some of you might ridicule me, but I have strong reasons to believe this way. It is undeniable that we crave for ‘truth’ in every domain of our lives without looking at ours

elves how ‘truthful’ lives we have been pursuing.
Truth is a relative term. If something is an ‘absolute truth’ for somebody, it may be an ‘absolute lie’ for some others. Never forget that a ‘half filled glass’ is always ‘half empty’ too.

There is nothing in this world like ‘absolute truth’. One has to fix the wheels of lies to move it forward. For example, if one has to give a true opinion about a dark complexioned woman, he would say that she carries ‘sharp features’ which don’t suit fair complexioned people. Can anybody say that it is a ‘truthful’ statement? No, because the ‘truth’ was given the ‘crutches of lie’ to stand.

Let us take two recent examples. One of Manu Sharma, whom one court finds totally innocent and the other finds him guilty of the ‘rarest of the rare’ crime. That too on the same grounds and on the basis of the testimony of the same witnesses. In the second case, when Geelani is acquitted in the case of ‘attack on Parliament’, it was said that ‘truth’ prevailed. But when Mohammad Afzal was slapped with death sentence in the same case, the judicial system was called ‘biased’.

Defining ‘truth’ is thus very simple. ‘Truth’ is a ‘sugar-coated candy’ that is liked till it reaches the ‘sour’ core of it. We accept a statement as ‘truth’ until it suits us, and after that we dump it citing various and hilarious reasons.

Whosoever in this world is in the search of ‘truth’ in any form, should first assess himself whether he is capable of vetting the ‘hidden truth’ behind the ‘surfaced’ one.

Except for death, there is no “absolute truth” in this world. It is a matter of perception only. A million of truths get defeated by a single lie!

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