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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where the GOD turns HIS HEAD down

Fix the mind on me, worship Me alone, pay obeisance to Me. By doing so you will come to Me. Give up dependence on all Dharmas, take shelter in Me alone,
I will free you from all sins. (Gita xviii. 65-66)

It was not so that the Arjuna was the only best devotee. There have been greater devotees than him. The devotees of higher orders do not desire to be pardoned from the sins. We desire Moksha also as well as freedom from worries.But the devotees of high order do not ask to Lord as kind and forgiving.

The Gopis have conjugal sentiment towards Lord but so far as the high order of love is concerned, the Gopis stand just like Drashta. Love, Lover and Beloved all three are one. The sun does not enter in to the mirror. It is only the reflection the mirror becomes dazzling due to the sunlight, in the same manner the devotee reflects as a .person of love.At this stage, Lord, devotee and devotion become one . Every limb of the body and all efforts are intermingled in the form of love.The love ceases to be there. The lord and devotee both come under one and the same condition. There is obsolute oneness.Whatever there is only pure love. God is love and love is God. Radha herself is krsna and krsna Himself is Radha. The stage of oneness is supremely highest. It is belived that when Gauranga Mahaprabhu
Came out to see people, they got merged into love.

I n Grantha Sahiba it is clearly said, “Meri bhaandi bhagat chhadai “ It means once I fixed any one’s fate,only My devotee can change his fortune even not Me.
This is the immense power of devotee where God turns His Head down.

Kamal wadhwani

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  1. Jo likha a lekh me
    Met na sake Ram
    Mete to samarth hai
    Par samajh kiya hai kam.

    What is written
    Cannot be erased by God
    He is capable of erasing it
    But he has considered well (before writing your destiny)

  2. God sometimes upset your plans so that he can implement his plans for you.

  3. To believe or not is just the personal choice - that's true, but I do believe, don’t know why? But there is some kind of positive energy that gets into me.
    As I compare my life with the previous years there are many differences that took place, obviously in positive manner.
    It's not that I am perfect or I own only happiness, there are also problems that I have to face but it doesn’t mean that god's not there.
    Whatever happens, it happens to our good - is it true or not? I don't know.
    But I believe whatever happens in our life may be good or bad, it basically helps us to improve our self.
    Continuous improvement makes man perfect.


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