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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Four steps to freedom

VN Chhibber

Do you have a free soul? Who are free beings? Bhagvad Gita says: “Free from expectations and free from all sense of possession, with mind and body firmly controlled by the self, they do not incur sin by the performance of physical action.” Besides global warning, another warming —

of greed, desires and passions — is affecting the soul within and the environment without. Why does the soul need an environment? As salubrious environment is needed for our well-being, so it is with the soul. There are four elements of environment necessary to keep the soul healthy and fresh: friendship with Him, with Nature, silence, and assembly prayer.
Friendship with and love for Him is essential. You need a good friend to see you through thick and thin. Imagine His generosity. Nature with its abundance – rivers, mountains and valleys, green flora, and fauna is aesthetically invigorating; it generates energy that brings calmness and detachment from gross physical. At this stage, one has to choose either worldly life of ever-amassing wealth, or spiritual way of life that leads to goodness, stability and peace.

Nature: The miracle of clouds changing saline sea water into pure water reveals the secrets of the cycle of nature. With admiration comes love. This is the start of bonding with nature when every tree, every flower, every river, mountain and valley seem sacred.

The current restlessness is due to the absence of silence in the inner and outer environment. There is yearning for activity both outside and inside the mind. In such a hectic lifestyle, the soul feels suffocated and clamours for stillness, for silence.

Satsang means following those on the path of spirituality. It means being in guru’s presence along with other devotees and sharing knowledge of scared literature. It means group kirtan, prayer or meditation. It purifies and generates universal love energy.

These four pillars set the stage to remove karmas that cover the soul. To enjoy a life of peace and harmony, we need a balanced physical environment and also a rejuvenating spiritual surrounding.

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