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Monday, July 25, 2011

How to look at life

Manisha Gupta

During a recent tour of Europe, our guide narrated an interesting episode. On one of his tour groups to the Eiffel Tower, he took the group up to level 3 of the tower. The student group was awe-struck by the mesmerizing view of the entire city of Paris below them. But one young girl was worried

and sad. She questioned the guide, “But I came to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Where is the Tower?”
He was amused at her ignorance and replied, “But you are standing on the Eiffel Tower at level 3”. The girl, still worried and hassled looked at him in dismay with her large questioning eyes, “But I can’t see the Tower?”

As the guide finished telling us his story, it set me thinking. Isn’t it so true! When you are standing inside the Eiffel Tower, obviously you don’t see the Tower. You can see it only when you are removed from it and at a distance from it. Simple, yet so complex! And that’s precisely what happens in your life. You don’t see the potential, the qualities, and the positives in yourself simply because you are inside yourself.

Therefore, to know your full potential, you need to step out of yourself and stand away to actually see what beauty, what quality lies within you. To appreciate anything, you need to observe it from far. Same the case with God! Since He is deep within you, you never see Him. To know either yourself or God, you need to step out of yourself and see yourself as another, from a distance.

One must use this concept to not only take good photographs of huge, famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower but also to get a real, proper understanding of people who matter to you and also to take a good look at life itself.

The ‘Tower of Life’ is the biggest tourist attraction for the most important tourist in the world — man!

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