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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

life of lotus

Gautam Gigoo

lotus flower [kamal] is blossoming in the soul of mother earth we are not different we are also children of our mother but one quality lotus have is the loving nature to blossom
humanity exists because of love plants and flowers they are our family but we fool minded beings think living in a big house having things acually we are surrounded by objects
not feelings we have emotions but do not know it then why we call our family poor they are poor living on the footpath my feeling is one for everybody we have to become lotus
no plastic flower phool hamesha khilkhilate hain weh muskurate hain humanity also exists by lotus because we are having kindness and faith through lotus flowers make you selfless
and honest and encourages you blossom in light of sorrow thank you lotus god bless you you made us understand humanity and to be faithful to our mother just like you are sweet
and kind and loved by mother filling us with hope of love with care thank you lotus dear making us realize to forget and leaving ego and selfish thoughts and raising towrads humanity
and connected to divine soul through humbleness and seeing the inner self with happiness and taking care thank you lotus it gives one clear message be a lotus thinking about
selfless and caring nature faithful to mother

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