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Monday, July 4, 2011

The sixth sense


Whatever experience you have through the five sense perceptions is sufficient experience only for survival in this existence. If you are seeking something beyond survival, then the sense perceptions are not enough. You have never experienced any power beyond yourself except nature. You

are not blowing the wind. The wind blows with tremendous power but you did not start this wind. And you did not create yourself; you just happen to be here. Without that energy or that something which is beyond you, nothing can happen. Something must have created you.
Now that you do not know what created you, the next immediate thing you will say is that God must have done it. Now where has God come from? Since you are a human being, you think that God is a big human being. So whatever your idea of God is, it is simply coming from the limited experience of who you are. It is only in your mind. The only thing that you can really experience is that which is within you. But you have never really looked at that which is within you.

Whatever you have known, either of the world or yourself, has come to you only by seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. If these five senses go to sleep, you will neither know the world nor yourself. The sense organs are limited perceptions. They feel everything only in comparison to something else. If I touch a steel rod, it feels cool simply because my body temperature is higher. Suppose I lower my temperature and touch it, it will feel warm. So this is not a genuine experience. All yogic practices are aimed at giving you an experience beyond the five sense perceptions.

Obviously there is so much more than what you call as 'myself' in this existence. What you call as 'myself' is still a limited experience of who you are. If you transcend this identity of who you are, then there is no distinction between what is 'you' and what you are referring to as the 'power beyond.'

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