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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spiritual tips

AK Bhargava

It is quite difficult to find out how much one has progressed on the path of spirituality. Looks are deceptive. Some claim to have realised God but in reality they are as much involved in worldly affairs as any other. To know where they stand, one does not have to do any religious discussions. A

few habits can bring out in the open as to where they stand.
One sure way is to watch a man and see how he reacts to any mini crisis. Stephan Convey says life is made up of 10 per cent incidences and 90 per cent about how you decide to react to it. Although we have no control over what happens to us next but we have control over how to react to it. You have no control over the red light but you can control your car to avoid unpleasant situation.

Take a hypothetical case of your having a quick breakfast in the morning. Your daughter accidently knocks over the coffee on your suit over which you or she has no control. You scold her and she starts crying. You then criticise your wife for placing the cup so near the edge and pick up a verbal dual. You storm up to change your suit. Meanwhile, your daughter is still crying and not yet ready for school. She misses the bus. You rush to drop her to school. Since you are late, you drive fast and get a ticket. You reach office late to discover that you have forgotten your briefcase. Who caused all this mess? No one else but yourself!

You could have reacted this way. You could tell your daughter, “It’s okay, be careful in future, finish your breakfast while I go and change and see you off in the bus”. You pick up your bag and reach office in time in a good mood for the day’s work. Spirituality reflects in your small acts of helping others and remaining calm in crisis. The Gita gives so many nice tips that you could adopt and live in peace.

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