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Monday, July 11, 2011

The trial of life

PP Wangchuk

Each morning puts a man on trial and each evening passes judgement — Roy L Smith. How true! How many of us are consciously aware of this 'test' of life? For those who are not aware of this truth, there is nothing but problems galore. A whole life goes waste without even knowing that it is

As day breaks, one is exposed to the realities of life. If one faces them and overcomes them by meticulous plan and hard work, one sees a day gone beautifully and rewardingly. On the other hand, if one takes it casually and lets the day go 'unnoticed', the 'evening judgment' can't be in one's favour. And this has its own chain reaction. One problem unsolved today leads to more problems tomorrow. It is like, as they say, woe begets woe. And then, don't we say that nothing succeeds like success.

We try to avoid the present moment (today) because we take the excuse that the situation around is not congenial and that we need a day that suits our perception of a suitable situation. Mind you, that day may never come; and when one realises this, it may be too late.

Success makes one realise the importance of the 'present' and no matter what the 'situation' is, one plunges into action. He tells himself, "let it be what it is around and let people be as they are. If they don't change, I will change."

Plan and execute your work with dedication and whole-heartedness. When you come across obstacles, don't get disheartened. Miracles happen in such cases and you will start wondering how you could do it as it seemed at one time an impossible task. It is all faith and dedication that has done the wonder.

Of course, you have to love your work. That will give you confidence and the will to surmount all the difficulties. In fact, as in love, loving your work will make most of the difficulties disappear. Similarly, one has to love life. That will enable you to see the brighter aspects of everything around you.

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