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Monday, August 15, 2011

Belief in Creator must

Rajesh Krishan

As humans, we have limitations. This is probably why we set boundaries in our lives; and as a result, we have to limit our view on life. Some of us believe that human life is related to religion; while others, especially the younger generation, perceive life from a so-called ‘practical’

angle, and relate the source of life to science.
Both the views are important as they are driven by the same source — belief.

Both the beliefs are meant to make us believe that we understand how the world functions and the role human beings play in it. However, I’m not a strict follower of religion, nor am I an ardent science fan.

I firmly believe that human life in every kind of form is sacred as it’s powered by God.

We are not a creation of religion or technology, but rather a creation of God. So, why then do we perceive people as Sikhs or Muslims, Hindus or Christians, white or black, poor or rich, weak or strong? Why, we, as humans, fail to look beyond our fixed perception of life, and judge people by the standard of our own limited perspective.

I use the word ‘sacred’ for life. That it’s essential to believe that the life of each human being is of infinite significance. It’s the essence of all human beings, and defines our humanity.

I believe that if all beings are regarded by all humans as sacred (not as in religion but as in nature), then there won’t be any oppression or discrimination. But, to believe in this, we need to believe in God.

We need to believe that there exists a divine creator of all that exists, and you can name it God.

It’s important because we cannot achieve human dignity without the supposition of the human as “sacred”, or as a godly creation. And, I believe it’s important (and possible) to recognise the sacredness of human beings without giving it a religious connotation. The idea is to create a direct connection between humans and God.

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