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Monday, August 15, 2011

love from soul and sacrifice

Story starts from year 1990 far away in the black clouds of violence and choas a family living with the fear but fear not stilled
in their soul anyway four people were present in the family a responsible and caring soft hearted son of his mother and father
his father was expired some years ago . his wife was golden soul and their child was born that year not affected by fear choas
or any other negativity there were two more members a mother and his younger son wandering like hopeless mates not willing to dare
and sacrifice in the first half mother father son and rest of the two members in the family broke down when the ghosts of violence
and blood reached closer to their home but it was unable to reach their soul of courage and feeling of sacrifice. family was sitting
under the roof of truck keeping peace and calm the baby was in arms of her mother she was confident about him as well as his father
when they reached delhi they had no home facing reality they were filled with hope and love of each other and were dedicated to god
soulfully.the moral of the story describes the patience trust and honesty and love for the family in the times when we are trapped
by the diificulties no matter we are saved clearly by owns selfless and soulfull love and care.

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