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Monday, August 15, 2011

soul of ants

There is no one like god to care for us god has created humanity and so plants trees grass leaves and animals due to high headedness and in the deep mud of ego we put the foot of devil
over them we learn about good from god and elders they are not simply the only words there is one heart touching story of ants ants are small because the made by the god god
thinks about every souls protection and theirs also due to our arrogance we always crush them by our devil foot why the enemy arrogance does the sinful thing ants are sharing
and caring in nature and are united for every moment be it sorrow or happiness they bite us when we do wrong or disturb them one day ants were going to their home they saw sugar
crystals the selfless of the noble soul goes along with other ants and holding each crystal carefully and walked towards home . Ants have small body but noble and soulful in
quality good nature comes from quality of soul like ants we are so selfishly blind in nature not known to their qualities at all just running in blind race of materilstic poison
we cannot become ants we surely become noble kind soul like them. God bleess everyone noble soul human beings plants grass and leaves we all are his dear children soul of humanity
is dear to him and become blessed like noble ants

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