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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The divine hand

Ravindra Kumar

 When a woman in New York jumped from the helicopter, she forgot to press the button to open the parachute. She became very nervous and panicky seeing immanent death. Suddenly her astral body came out of her physical body. In these few moments of being out-of-the body, she could visualise the right button, which she pressed just in time and landed safely to her amazement. However, her mission changed completely after this experience with divinity. She took to meditation seriously, achieved success and is now guiding people spiritually in New York. One has heard of many people who have reported near-death-experience while on the operation table. They go to strange places, experience extra faculties like seeing everywhere at the same time, travel with the speed of thought, disappear at one place and reappear at another without traversing the space in between, and so on. One must read books like Life beyond Life by Dr. Raymond Moody, and those by Edgar Cayce and Dr. Michael Newton. Some of them have taken to meditation afterwards through a Guru or otherwise in search of permanent peace and bliss. When asked about death, St. Paul said, “I die daily” (in meditation). Real spiritual search begins only after such a touch of divinity is experienced either accidentally or through the help of a Guru, and not through reading scriptures theoretically. Religionists going to temples, mosques or churches have rarely reported touching such levels of spirituality; they mostly remain theoretical with bookish knowledge. When a man asked Guru Gobind Singh that nothing has happened to him in 50 years of coming to the temple, the Guru replied even 50 lifetimes will not help this way unless he finds a jnani (wise man) who can take him to His own level. On how to find a jnani, He said when the desire is intense, the Guru will appear Himself. Otherwise, he cannot recognise the Guru even if living with Him. Many of us in this way miss the opportunity because of not having the “burning desire” to find the truth. -

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