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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

God, my dearest!

Ajit Kumar Bishnoi, Hindustan Times

 I would like to share my experience; the kind of benefits I am deriving due to my connection with God. There is so much happiness that it spills over. I feel like a king and I have never been happier. Maybe, this is what you call bliss. Peace engulfs. Worries come and disappear. I wouldn't call myself fearless, but nothing disturbs me for long. I feel satisfied with what I have. As a matter of fact, I feel that I have been provided with more than I deserve. There is so much comfort that I feel satiated. All desires miraculously get fulfilled with time; nothing appears impossible. Yes, my desires are proper, because they are inspired by God. Consciousness is slowly turning spiritual; attraction for material objects is diminishing. Not only in the matter of desires, my dearest friend and master, God, guides me all the time. I have completely surrendered myself to Him, and He never disappoints me, not for long in any case. When I stray or I am likely to make a fool of myself, he warns clearly and unequivocally such that I cannot miss or ignore the warning. I have lost count of the number of times He saved me from embarrassing situations. This has helped in my purification, and my self-respect has gone up. God provides answers to whatever troubles me. The answers come from many sources such as from another person or newspapers. I feel blessed. God has such an assuring presence that I never feel lonely. And my mental control comes from God only. I take oaths to reform myself, and He fulfills them. This has helped me in making a steady progress in my life/spiritual journey. Minor miracles do happen all the time. Nothing surprises me any more. I am always hopeful, and why not with God being my support! Time passes as it has wings. Sleep comes easily. People around me also seem to get help from God. Wouldn't I be sad if they were affected? Thank you God, thanks a million!

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  1. Yes, a million Thanks to 'God'. Our faith and dependence on him through complete surrender leads to amazing things and miracles happening in our life.
    Thanks for this article, it felt someone was speaking my mind.


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