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Monday, July 25, 2011

How to look at life

Manisha Gupta

During a recent tour of Europe, our guide narrated an interesting episode. On one of his tour groups to the Eiffel Tower, he took the group up to level 3 of the tower. The student group was awe-struck by the mesmerizing view of the entire city of Paris below them. But one young girl was worried

and sad. She questioned the guide, “But I came to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Where is the Tower?”
He was amused at her ignorance and replied, “But you are standing on the Eiffel Tower at level 3”. The girl, still worried and hassled looked at him in dismay with her large questioning eyes, “But I can’t see the Tower?”

As the guide finished telling us his story, it set me thinking. Isn’t it so true! When you are standing inside the Eiffel Tower, obviously you don’t see the Tower. You can see it only when you are removed from it and at a distance from it. Simple, yet so complex! And that’s precisely what happens in your life. You don’t see the potential, the qualities, and the positives in yourself simply because you are inside yourself.

Therefore, to know your full potential, you need to step out of yourself and stand away to actually see what beauty, what quality lies within you. To appreciate anything, you need to observe it from far. Same the case with God! Since He is deep within you, you never see Him. To know either yourself or God, you need to step out of yourself and see yourself as another, from a distance.

One must use this concept to not only take good photographs of huge, famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower but also to get a real, proper understanding of people who matter to you and also to take a good look at life itself.

The ‘Tower of Life’ is the biggest tourist attraction for the most important tourist in the world — man!
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hope of rain

Gautam Gigoo

children the bossomed flowers in a special state of mind playing with mud on a sea shore .There a house built on the base of hope and trust the grandmother having on two children
believing to be making house built of mud. There is no mud shining fragrance of rain. Rain mixed with air and mud completes the hope of children in their innocent hope of nature.
The children are small as compared to any young fellow working in office or selling food. They are not clever like a fox to shape up like a lion. They build up again it without any noise of arrogant thinking or standing towards one
own loss of breaking house. They build hope of rain out of breaking,crying in peace stoodand rain water enlightens their hope and shines the dawn of nature of children with
grandmother seeing the coming of rain
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Gautam Gigoo

In a small town of kolkatta there was a small house not small house made oflove trust and care a girl living named asha with her parents and younger brother named roy her father
was working in a mill factory for last 45 years and so on but he was not able to see from his eyes there was one speaciality in him he never cared about the problem nor he worried
and he also make sure to family not to take it seriously as it is not a problem but he has done good work without help of eyes what is the need of eyes. now he is to retire in
two three days asha came to her mother mother said with care to her now you have grown up take the responsibility your father is retiring from work now you will handle the responsibilty
next day along with the dawn of sun asha woke up and came downstairs to see her parents face it was not a ritual but her good culture and respect towards them. the day has come
she is going to mill factory before going her father told her asha beta i have seen the realities of life and i cannot see but undersatnd the feelings and responsibilty in you. you will do work with kind nature and
good mind and soul.
asha takes blessings of her parents her brother roy is in another room waiting for her sister to come and hug him because he is going to school there is story competition asha comes in his room blesses him amd kisses
on his forehead. when she reaches out towards work after reaching to mill factory she goes to head officer who will guide to her work in 10 minutes aftersorting out some of his work. . she is uderstanding about work
telephone rings up there is telephone kept in head officers room she goes inside room pickes up the phone there is worried and tearful sound of her mother she informes asha about her father her father is ill suddenly
and his eyes are going red and about to close down after hearing this asha got worried and tears wrew about to come but she controlled them she told head officer about the condition
and asked to leave immediately she left and rushe dtowards home when she arrived her mother was crying father was sitting with eyes which wre not blind but there was hope of the
responsibility asha was close to her father knew it closely before any information of sigh or sorrow.
she put her both hands on her fathers face he was relieved before cure mother was also relieved and she took her father to doctor for chekup when they reached there was a long
line of people there were 10 benches on each of them sitting or waiting asha and her father was sitting on the last bench when the turn came both entered into doctors room
with no sigh but relief in mind of the cure of love by asha to her father. by the worldsake they were in clinic and doctor takingout sthoscope and there was miracle asha s father eyes were in the light it was asha s pure hearted love for her father that cured him her immense feeling for him
she knew her faraz[responsibility] love is name of responsibility care and feelings that existed fully in asha s soul
after coming to home her mother was joyed to see asha s father can see she hugged him withsoul and kissed on his forehead and her daughter. with love you can fulfill each
responsibilty and can cure the soul faraz is nature of child when born knowing responsibilty either whatever be the conditions
this point goes to asha for fulfilling her fathers responsiblity beacuse she knew he was unable to see but knowing every sense
ashas brother roy studying in school in 10 th class was not surprised he was knowing that didi cared everyone with selfless love
and care even when her mother and brother knew what was situation her father who was not the victim and he cared for his family
after the condition from which he is going the moral no problem can stand in front of love it is name of faraz flowing in ashas soul selflessly and pourly
now they live happily the medicines given by doctor have filled up the deficiency but it is cured by ashas love care from soul and
tears also connected her
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